Helping Midwest businesses grow since 1955.

From mimeographs to electronic content management, we’ve been there.

In 1937, Bud Sumner took a job with the A.B. Dick Company, one of the country’s true pioneers in the printing industry. Albert Blake Dick invented mimeographs in the 1880s using patents licensed from Thomas Edison – and grew one of the most successful companies in the printing business from there.

Between 1955 and 1979, the St. Louis A.B. Dick distributor, under Bud’s leadership, grew 15-fold, fueled by both increasingly accessible technology and the company’s strong partnerships with leading equipment brands.


Today, SumnerOne is one of the largest independent office technology dealers in the Midwest, with offices in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois . But of course, we’re more than that. We’re a family of respected companies united by ONE goal: to exceed your expectations to help you get the most from your investments in printing, IT and document technology.

Yes, that means going above and beyond to ensure you get exactly the equipment you need. But it also means supporting you, every step of the way – no matter what.

We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you at your best.

Meet our team.

From our experienced technicians to our knowledgeable sales representatives, we are all committed to finding the right technology for your unique needs.

Steven John
Service Manager
Liz Sumner
Managing Director
Ron Johnson
Senior Leasing Administrator
Dan McDonald
Setup Manager
Kevin Laury
Chief Operations Officer
Rion Kolosieke
IT Solutions Architect
David Harbour
Logistics Coordinator
Steve Fink
Warehouse Manager